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Private Duty Home Care Nursing Services

Private duty nursing at home is provided by experienced Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses in order to facilitate optimum functionality for all patients. We provide nursing care for medically fragile children, infants, teens and adults. Private duty nursing is instrumental in decreasing hospital stays, thereby decreasing costs and anxiety for families and their loved ones. All care is provided in collaboration with physicians, and the contracted health care plans. Many patients are referred to us with acute care needs, but over time, may develop into chronic care necessitating the need for continuous care at home.

Getting Started

Our intake team will work with your insurance carrier to identify the benefits that are covered. We will also work with the hospital nurses and physicians to develop an integrated care plan and submit this to your insurance provider for approval for coverage. Your insurance provider will give authorizations for the frequency and duration of services.

Our patient liaison who is a registered nurse will meet with you and your family in the hospital in order to create a plan for admission to come care. They will assist in collaborating with other agencies to provide medical equipment or home infusion to create a care plan across the continuum. The liaison will meet with you in your home to assist you in organizing the bedroom to contain equipment, daily supplies, weekly supplies, and monthly supplies necessary for the administration of treatments and medication. When services begin, our nurses take inventory and assist in ordering ongoing supplies from your equipment company and contacting them for biomed support.

You will be assigned a Nursing Supervisor who will collaborate with the hospital staff and physicians to create a clinical plan of care compliant with the physicians' orders. Your nursing supervisor  is an experienced nurse who will assist in orienting your nurse in the home and review the treatments, nursing interventions, and observations that need to be completed. They will ensure that your nurses achieve the highest competencies necessary to provide the best care for your loved one.  They will visit your home periodically to review documentation, assess clinical progress and collaborate with other members of the clinical team.

You will be assigned to a Coordinator who will identify those nurses who have the expertise to care for your loved one. They will communicate with you in order to make sure that the patient's needs are being met and that you and your family are satisfied. They will also notify you about your scheduling  changes and answer any of your questions.

Skilled Intermittent Nursing Services for Home Infusion

Our home infusion nurses are experienced in providing intermittent nursing services to patients who are receiving acute care home infusion daily for a short period of time or for those who are administered home infusion therapy monthly for chronic conditions. We will teach you and your family to become independent in your care, when appropriate, and will train you regarding any infusion pump that you may need. We will obtain periodic bloodwork in order to share the results with your pharmacists and physicians. This will permit them to assess the progress of your treatment or facilitate a change in your dose of medication. For patients under the age of 18, we provide daily visits or private duty nursing to facilitate faster resolution to wellness. We partner with your home infusion provider in order to create a seamless approach to care. We are contracted with various home infusion pharmacies to assist in meeting patient demand for services.

Getting Started

Your home infusion pharmacy will contact us with your demographic information, clinical information, and physician order.  Since we are contracted with your home infusion pharmacy, nursing services will be financially covered through them. We will work with your home infusion pharmacy to assist in submitting documentation that will support health plan coverage and assist them in obtaining authorization from the health plan to assure coverage for you.


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“The nurses who came to my home were reliable and excellent clinicians. They took wonderful care of my son and made me feel completely comfortable leaving to go to work. I don’t know what I would have done without them. The office staff was fantastic too! They were extremely communicative and helpful. Thanks to all of the Champions of Caring who made a difficult time much easier.” ~ Parent of client

“I want to acknowledge the great service all of your staff has given our family. I always knew I would be heard, respected, and that there was someone to help us with whatever we needed from oxygen delivery, enteral feeding supplies, nursing coordinators and supervisors and so on. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, especially my daughter’s little miracle heart, and I wish you well as you continue to provide great service to us.” ~ Parent of client