NBN Delaware

Therapeutic Support for Families

New Behavioral Network– Delaware’s Therapeutic Support for Families Program offers in-home and community based services to effectively engage the entire family in achieving desired goals.

By participating in program services, caregivers will:

  • Build and maintain positive relationships with their children
  • Gain knowledge and strengthen parenting practices, allowing them to successfully manage challenging behaviors and situations
  • Build confidence in their parenting abilities and be provided support when challenges occur

By participating in program services, children (ages 3-17) will:

  • Develop effective and meaningful ways to manage their behaviors and appropriately express their emotions

Services are delivered by trained, skilled paraprofessionals

Therapeutic Support Specialists will:

  • Work collaboratively with all team members to ensure treatment plans are meeting the family and child’s needs
  • Model positive parenting techniques and pro-social behaviors
  • Assist caregivers in identifying precursors and triggers that result in impairment
  • Work traditional and non-traditional hours, in a variety of settings, in order to meet the needs of the family
  • Assist children in developing age-appropriate self-management skills
  • Provide therapeutic supervision of children during treatment and educational activities

Program Flyer