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About Us

The beginning of healthcare consolidation began in the 1980’s.  Insurers looked to alternative options for hospitalizations in order to create positive patient outcomes in a cost effective manner.  They began discharging patients from hospitals “sicker and quicker.”  Home care became their solution.  Newborn Nurses, at its inception, created home care modules to meet these needs.

Prior to this era, new moms remained in the hospital after having their babies for two weeks.  In the 1980’s,  health insurance companies began discharging new moms approximately 3 days after childbirth.   Newborn Nurses created maternal child home care programs to care for new moms and their babies.  We also offered programs for gestational diabetes, prenatal hypertension and hyperemesis in addition to postpartum care.  We therefore met the needs of the insurance companies and these families by educating them in the care of their newborns with a  more cost effective and personal approach.

We then began providing private duty nursing for infants and medically fragile children in their own homes.  We were on the cutting edge when ventilator dependent children began to be discharged into their own homes.   We provided around the clock care by RN’s and LPN’s.   Although many were terminally ill and sent home to die, the majority actually thrived at home and became a part of the family unit.  Our nurses educated the family regarding their clinical care, assessed the children regarding their response to care, and delivered medical interventions and medications as prescribed by their physicians.  We worked as a liaison among the families, the hospitals, the physicians and the insurers.  Our RN’s and LPN’s offered technical expertise, resources and experience with warmth and friendliness and that personal touch.  They helped us to become the best pediatric home care company in the Delaware Valley.  We obtained then and  to this day,  referrals from hospitals, from physicians and health insurance carriers.  We have contracts with Aetna, Horizon Blue Cross, Horizon New Jersey Health, Amerihealth, Independence Blue Cross, Amerigroup, and United Health Care, as well as many third party administrators and self insured companies.  As the children grew older,  they attended  school with the assistance of their nurses.  We enjoy many contracts with school districts throughout the state of New Jersey. 

As the years passed, Newborn Nurses grew organically and expanded our footprint into the state of Delaware.  In 1994, we obtained a contract with the state of Delaware to assist them in addressing the psychosocial needs of children, young adults and their families. In early 2000, we obtained an additional contract with the  Department of Children and Families in order to participate in their family reunification program.  Thus New Behavioral Network-Delaware was born.  These partnerships continue today.

At this time, New Jersey was experiencing an exponential increase in children on the autism spectrum.  We therefore created New Behavioral Network, Inc., to provide evidenced based therapeutic programs for these children.  Applied Behavioral Analysis is the program of choice and is provided by Board  Certified Behavior Analysts and Behavior Interventionists to assist them.   We are contracted with schools, health insurance carriers, state programs, headstart programs, and day care centers to apply  these protocols. 

In 2005, we obtained a contracts with a third party administrators and health plans  to assist them in developing a disease management program, for working adults.  Many of these chronic diseases include diabetes and cardiac diseases.    Our RN health coaches develop relationships with their employees to help them maintain their clinical treatment plans in order to manage their disease, to prevent hospitalizations, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with their careers.    These coaching modules include maternal child health protocols that we developed in the early 1980’s.  We are able to refer these patients to community resources that are more cost effective and offer  easier access in order for them to be compliant. 

We have been providing community based services for many years and have demonstrated  our ability to adapt to the ever changing demands of  health care in the United States.