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New Behavioral Network Delaware

New Behavioral Network, Delaware has experience working with families whose children demonstrate maladaptive behaviors, communication deficits and/or low functioning of daily living skills, We utilize Applied Behavior Analysis, (ABA) which is an evidenced based strategy to target behavioral challenges and skill deficits of each child. This approach is widely utilized for children who have autism, or other developmental disabilities. Principals of ABA established a strong, empirically validated framework for increasing each child's social, communicative and cognitive functioning.

Many of our parents are challenged in various aspects of their own socioeconomic milieu. If they have a child or children who demonstrate maladaptive behaviors, or exhibit other deficits, this can exacerbate their own personal weaknesses and impede their attempts to maintain a healthy family unit.

Applied Behavioral Analysis focused on the parents to help them create a structured environment in order to develop parenting skills that actually target the socially unacceptable behaviors of the children and elicit appropriate responses. The Behavior Analyst will provide clinical oversight, support and coaching to staff and caregivers to increase competence in implementation of interventions and ensure consistent responding at home and across various settings.

Initially the Behavioral Analyst conducts a thorough evaluation of the child, taking into account a review of current records, structured interviews with caregivers, and educational professionals and direct observations to assess baseline levels of the child's functioning. Depending on the child's needs, the Behavioral Analyst assesses current levels of performance through conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA). Results of these assessments provide a framework for increasing a child's functioning across various domains such as communication, daily living skills, socialization, motor skills, and maladaptive behavior. Behavior Plans are then created as appropriate to provide a consistent approach to decreasing maladaptive behaviors, and targeting remediation for the other domains. Data is collected on all domains and analyzed at regular intervals to ensure progress.

Our BCBA will work with the biological and foster parents to implement home program goals. Each behavior plan will meet specific needs of each child in order for the child to reach their full potential within the family, school and community. We utilize a parent involvement form that documents where the parents are in the learning process, as coaching the family is the most important part of the home program piece. Skills are then generalized across all settings, with on going consultation provided between biological parents, foster parents and the school if permitted.

Our staff can also provide community integration programs, specifically with the adolescent population. These programs may include social skills practice, pre-employment experiences, and outing where learned skills can be applied. We adhere to a parent involvement philosophy, engaging the parent during sessions and ensuring that we are modeling and coaching interventions for caregivers.

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