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Mental Health and Social Services

Mobile Therapy

We provide community-based social, emotional, and psychological counseling services to you and your family to facilitate positive changes. Sessions may be conducted in our office or in the comfort of your home. We have Licensed Social Workers and Masters’ prepared social workers who provide these services. We are experienced with cognitive behavioral therapy, conflict resolution, behavior modification, trauma focused CBT, coping with grief and loss, and play therapy. If we are treating a child or teen our goal is to increase functioning across the domains of work, school and community to prevent residential treatment or psychiatric hospitalization.

Our therapist will create a treatment plan to identify goals to be reached, and may recommend support  staff to assist the family in creating activities that will assist in meeting these goals. A behavioral assistant will work in both the home and community to provide role modeling appropriate behavior, behavior modification techniques, and to assist in enhancing self-esteem. The behavioral assistant will follow the treatment plan delineated by the mobile therapist.

Family Intervention Program/Reunification Program

We assist clients in addressing underlying issues preventing them from providing the best home environment for their children. Our services strengthen a caregiver's skills by supporting, encouraging, and assisting them in their parenting roles, and developing positive parenting techniques. We utilize an evidenced-based parenting program to teach life skills and employment practices, identify safe and affordable housing, and implement daily routines and time management. Support staff assist the professional staff in assisting the family to reach their goals to enable children to remain in the home or to return to the home from their temporary placement.


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“I want to thank the team for their hard work on our case. We were very lucky to have NBN Group and we probably wouldn’t have gotten the outcome we did today if it wasn’t for you.” ~ Family member of client