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Adaptive Devices

We all experience times in our life when our health declines, which could be permanent or temporary. Because NBN Group spent many years caring for people in the home care setting, we have seen what products enhanced their living experiences while dealing with health challenges. Our purpose is to be a resource for our families to make their lives easier. One way we can do this is provide a variety of useful products that maintain independence, home safety, and some fun products that help make the journey more enjoyable. If you have to be on oxygen, shouldn't you have a great purse to carry the tanks in?

Types of items we carry:

  • Compression stockings: Fashion socks and stockings for men and women. Compression stockings improve circulation, provide more energy, and prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis. They also help to prevent the spread of varicose veins. NBN Group carries a full line of medical grade compression stockings and fashion stockings for people who spend a lot of time on their feet or traveling.
  • Daily living aids: Reachers, dressing aids, motion activated lights.
  • Bath safety items: Bath chairs, grab bars.
  • Mobility items: Life chairs, canes, couch canes, rollators, walkers, scooters.
  • Pain management items: Wee Touch Tens units, Biofreeze.
  • Pediatric boutique: Buzzy (pain-free shots), games promoting fine motor skills, seamless socks.
  • Nursing and caregiver clinical tools: Stethescope, BP cuffs, scissors, nursing bags, finger tip pulse Ox, scrubs
  • Couture oxygen bags
  • CPAP accessories
  • Lift chairs
  • Infusion fleece: With zippers to enable PICC and port access.